River Rock Vibrating Screen Companies

River Rock Vibrating Screen Companies

Time: 2020-01-04

The high speed vibrating screen machine develops rapidly and it has been to design and manufacture rugged, dependable, high quality equipment to serve the process industries. Zenith continues to provide customers with state-of-the-art equipment to meet their ever-changing needs. We can provide customers the river rock vibrating screening machine for sale. Quality, innovation and reliability are our pledge today and for the future.

River Rock Vibrating Screen Machine:

Classification, the dividing of granular material into various size groups, is one of the most important steps in the production process. Screening in the broader sense also encompasses thickening, pre-screening, control screening, dewatering and deslurrying. Zenith river rock screening machine will help you make high profits. The screening result depends on the correct assessment of the material to be screened, the choice of mesh and the execution and adjustment of the screening machine. The success of screening is determined by the quality of the product obtained, ie. the proportion of over-sized particles in the various grades.

River Rock Vibrating Screen


  • River rock and gravel, building materials;
  • Rocks, crushed stone, chippings;
  • Minerals, copper an iron ores, pellets, sinter;
  • Coal, coke, petrol coke;
  • Chemical products, fertilizers, granular materials;
  • Salts, sugar;
  • Compost, refuse, refuse slags.

Operational Characteristics:

Zenith river rock screening machines are freely vibrating. This means that the amplitude is self regulating depending on the relationship between the weight of the screen itself and the counterweight. Circular motion machines have a steep angle of throw and therefore require an inclination of 10бу - 18бу. Exceptions are the dewatering screen at 3бу - 5бу and steep screens, for example when screening river rock at an angle of 20бу - 40бу.

Larger machines can be additionally equipped with a primary shaft and centrifugal coupling. Lubrication of the bearings is either by oil or grease.The river rock screening machine frame with 4 sets of springs rests on the support construction and can be manufactured to accept lengthwise or crosswise tensioned sieves as well as flat panels. For dusty materials we can supply the river rock screening machines with either a dust hood or a complete dust enclosure.