Jaw Crusher Working Principle

PEW jaw crusher working principle

PEW series jaw crusher is the favorite jaw crusher in the world. It is a new generation crusher, which has many unique advantages as big crushing ratio, reliable operation and low operating cost. It's the best choice for you when you want to crush the hard materials in high efficiency. But many people do not understand how does it work, today I will explain the jaw crusher working principle to you .

First of all, let us understand the main components of a pew jaw crusher. The pew jaw crusher mainly consisted by frame, the rotation part of the eccentric bearing, the safe unit, the working part of the crushing cavity, the adjustment devices of the discharging opening and so on.

when the jaw crusher working, the flywheel drives the eccentric shaft to make the jaw plate do reciprocating motion,sometimes close , sometimes leaving. When approached, the material is broken by pressed, splitting and impact in the two jaw plate. when leaving, had been broken material by gravity discharged through a discharge port.

In the course of the huge stone broken into small stones, the first crusher is usually called "main" crusher. When jaw crusher feed , the material from the top of the entrance into the crushing chamber containing jaw teeth and jaw teeth with great force made the the material to the top of the wall , then broken it into smaller stones. What support jaw teeth movement is an eccentric, the eccentric shaft through the fuselage structure. Eccentric motion usually generated by fixed wheel at the two ends of the shaft.

The flywheel and the eccentric bearing support often adopts spherical roller bearings. Bearing working environment is extremely harsh. Bearing must be subjected to the huge impact load, abrasive water and high temperature. Although this work environment is very harsh, jaw crusher still very reliable work, this is the key to ensure the production efficiency.

 Jaw Crusher Working Principle

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