Cement Clinker Grinding Plant

Cement as the essential building materials to the construction industry, keep a good state of development. New cement clinker grinding plant using the most simple process and convenient to operate, which is a green industry.
Cement Clinker Grinding Plant

Faced with increasingly severe impact of the financial crisis, the overall development of the cement industry still maintained a good momentum of development. One important reason is that in recent years, the national macro-control on the cement industry to accelerate the elimination of outdated, promote structural adjustment achieved significant results, thus increasing the capacity of the financial industry to resist financial risks. It is anticipated that the cement industry is still in a period of rapid growth.

Cement clinker grinding plant may be the last step of cement production process. Cement production layout is that at the mine to built of cement clinker production line, in large cities near the cement sales market to establish a new cement grinding plant . Most of the cement admixture is the city's industrial waste generated, new cement clinker grinding plant can greatly digest cities nearby slag, fly ash, slag and other industrial waste, which is a green industry.

Our cement clinker plant has many advantages, such as low investment, low energy consumption, good quality, higher than the surface area of ​​more than Admixture. Ordinary cement grinding surface area of about 300m2 / kg, the production of cement grinding system specific surface area 340m2 / kg or more, the cement-day strength increased 3 ~ 5Mpa, can be more Admixture 7 to 12%, down 7 tons of cement production costs yuan. Improve the cement particle size distribution, improve the quality of cement; simplifying the process, increased equipment operation rate significantly.

New cement clinker grinding plant Zenith provides using the most simple process, most convenient operation, process equipment at least, less investment, energy-saving, environmental protection, and other mixed materials can be mixed with more advantages.

Cement Clinker Grinding Plant

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