Concrete Recycling Machine

Concrete Recycling Machine

According to foreign statistics, a major component in construction waste concrete accounts for about 63.3%, timber 20%, tile 15% , metal 17% . Today, concrete waste recycling project has become an important task in various regions.

In the past, Concrete once was routinely trucked to landfills for disposal. However, with more attention being paid to environmental concerns, recycling has a quantity of benefits which make it a far more attractive option within this ages awareness. Concrete waste disposal business to an unprecedented era of rapid development, and concrete waste resource utilization also contributed to the development of the concrete waste disposal machine manufacturing enterprises.

With the rapid development of science and technology , a variety of concrete recycling machine on the market. From the fixed concrete waste processing production line to the flexible and convenient mobile concrete waste crushing station, from the primary crusher equipment jaw crusher to the impact crusher. There are also have shaft impact crusher for concrete waste recycled aggregate shaping.Different machines have played their part in the concrete recycling production line. However, I would like to recommend the mobile crusher to everyone.

The mobile crusher has two types: mobile crushing plant and track mounted mobile crushing plant. The mobile crushing plant can be equipped with different machines, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, vibrating feeder,vibrating screen and so on. It can effectively deal with concrete, scrap bricks, tiles, scrap steel, wood and other construction solid waste, transforming them into recycled coarse aggregate and fine aggregate. what's more, the mobile crusher can flexibly move according to the concrete waste recycling plant on-site environment. Greatly reduce construction waste transport costs and production line relocation expenses. So it is very suitable for concrete recycling crushing.

mobile  Concrete  crusher

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