Cone Crusher Wearing Parts

Cone Crusher Wearing Parts

Cone crusher is one kind of crushing equipment for mineral ore crushing. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical industry. It is very suitable for crushing medium or harder mineral ore and rocks. So in the crushing process, every part of it plays a very important role. Here we focus on the wearing parts of it which include movable cone, fixed cone, bowl liner, and copper bushing.

As for movable cone, it is fixed on the cone body by cone head and it is forging by a new type of composite materials which features high wear-resistant, cost-effective, wide application etc.. Between cone head and movable cone is casting with epoxy resin. as for the new installing or new replace movable cone , should check its fasten condition after the machine working 6-8 hours.

As for fixed cone, when cone crusher working, the movable cone will do trajectory, and sometimes close to fixed cone, sometimes stay away from it . When they are close will cause to achieve extrusion materials, part of the materials will be discharged at the edge of the open size. Fixed cone is installed on the adjusted ring by U-shape bolts, between them inject with zinc alloy in order to make it more firmly. After the machine working 6-8 hours, you should check the u-shape bolt and fasten it firmly.

Bowl bearing is the main part of the crusher which composed with bowl bearing frame and bowl liner. They provide support and lubrication for the bottom of the cone crusher department. Bowl bearing installation need to pass strict inspection before they can for installation, cover the bowl with cover plate tile and then take over the crusher cover.

As for copper bushing, it plays the role of siding bearing. Inside the copper bushing, there inside a big gear component, general wear and tear is not too much; the total clearance is less than 5mm .the bowl type copper bushing wear and dynamic cone spherical wear quantity will affect the clearance, the trajectories of moving cone decided by copper bushing.

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