Diamond Processing Plant

Diamond is very bright and it is a very precious jewel, but do you know how are the diamond formed? Here will introduce the diamond processing plant in detail.

Firstly, select the original stone, in which dozens of gems, gem stone to reach the required number of very scarce, most no gemological value. Therefore, before processing of precious stones, gems must first be selected. According to previous experience, the basic conditions can be selected as the gems are: bright colors, pure, good transparency, or, having low transparency, there is a special optical effects, such as opal, Star gems, etc.; has a certain hardness, generally not less than 5; has some thermal and chemical stability, texture and pure, unblemished, or only the amount of defects emblem; has a certain size and weight; different stones, the weight limit is different, such as diamonds can be below 0.25 carats, quality rubies and sapphires can be less than 0.3 kt; has good resistance and pondering polishing.

Diamond Processing Plant

The second is cut selection and design, this design includes determining a gem cut, cut, positioning and orientation processing method etc.. Then mark stone, doing the correct evaluation based on Rough Gem, the design intention with marker specialized in stone, cutting processing division according to the marking on the implementation of cutting and grinding stones. Mark is the first step in gemstone cutting and grinding, which is the most important link in the tangential grinding work, therefore, people who do the work must have strong gemmological professional knowledge, rich practical experience, and proficient in processing technology, it directly affects the gemstone cutting and grinding economic benefits, also influence the perfect degree of the finished stone, to create the greatest economic benefit ratio, to create the largest and most clean, the most perfect form of finished products.

For various reasons, the need for rough segmentation. Segmentation of the original stone is a very important work, it affects the quality of the finished stone also directly, and ultimately affect the value of the product. Segmentation of the original stone are important factors to consider are: stone shape, internal defects, twin and crystallographic features.

There are coarse grinding, coarse grinding process gem would be grinding stones stuck in a fixture, the fixture in rough mill on the card, the other a as cutting clamp on the fixture. With arms around long handle operator, when rough mill drives rotation of the two diamond, diamond contact handle mutual grinding molding, the stone forming processing, it is also a cutting or grinding process.

The last is grinding, polishing parts grinding equipment, grinding disc clamp, clamp mouth. Grinding is a technical performance of strong technology, diamond cutting tool to understand certain processes, and rich experience, polishing and grinding of rough grinding stone implement a series of processes and throw it into the final product.

This is the diamond processing plant, a diamond is forever, a permanent circulation!

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