Grinding Mills In South Africa

I'm a mine owner in South Africa, nowaways, with the rapid development of the mining industry, grinding equipment technology has been constantly updated and the species are also more complete. Faced with a wide variety of grinding mills, do you know how to choose it? Three month ago, I purchased grinding equipments for my calcite grinding production line. Now I will share my experience to buy grinding mills.

Grinding Mills In South Africa

Firstly, we need to analysis the situation of our production line, then select the appropriate type of grinding machine. My main material is calcite, which is a carbonate mineral, transparent or translucent, ordinary white or colorless, hardness 3.0, specific gravity 2.71. In industry, calcite has a very important purpose, is an important raw material in metallurgy, cement, plastics, rubber, paper, synthetic fibers, and other industries. Because of these properties of it, I I decided to choose the trapezium mill.

Then I started to collect the information of trapezium mill on the internet, comparing of various products. Accidentally saw shanghai Zenith company, I think their website is very professional and i made detailed understanding to the machine. They have a MTW trapezium mill, which use the latest technology and ideas in Europe and is a new generation grinding mill.It owns many independent patents property, such as overall prick gear drive, internal thin oil lubrication system, arc-shaped air duct. Now a number of customers are fond of it for its incomparable features.

Their customer service is very professional and warm, helping me solve a lot of problems. Based on my request and budget, their experts make efficient, reliable solutions. What's more, every customer has the chance to visit the working machine in the site before placing the order.

Finally through repeated consideration, I decided to buy their MTW series trapezium mill and a dust removal equipment. After20 days the machine arrive in South Africa and their technical engineers have also arrived in South Africa to guide the installation immediately, so far, all the machine work well.

The last point I want to say is that as we all know that grinding plant will pollute the environment. We should choose the machines with high efficient and very durable, at the same time,the noise is very small. what's more, the dust removal equipment can make great contributions to the prevention of environmental pollution.

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