Gypsum Block Production Line

Gypsum Block Production Line

Gypsum block production line is an emerging technology. It adopts the international advanced hydraulic molding technology and PLC control rising.

Gypsum block molding production line is fully automated, able to produce high-precision and high-quality blocks. We have two types gypsum blocks: hollow and solid.

Gypsum block production line is a complex process, now,let's explain this process.

  • Building Gypsum

    The gypsum in the material storage property is delivered to the weighing bin via a screw conveyor, and the screw conveyor will minimize when the amount of materials within the weighing bin reaches the set value.
  • Water

    The lake with the plant pipe network is distributed for the weighing tank, which can be controlled from the solenoid valve. Once the quantity of water inside the tank reaches the set value, the solenoid valve is going to be closed. The lake tank is fitted having a level gauge, as well as the required value may be set with the DCS system.
  • Forming Section

    The weighed gypsum is quickly conveyed to the mixer by the screw conveyor, and water is transported towards the mixer through pneumatic valve. After being mixed, the gypsum slurry is dumped to the forming machine. If the gypsum slurry achieves certain strength, a hydraulic scrapping device is utilized to scrape a rabbet then eject the formed gypsum block through hydraulic pressure. After this, the two-dimensional space clamp is used to clamp the gypsum block in the forming machine for the dryer.
  • Drying Section

    Water from the formed gypsum block can be taken off by two methods: natural drying and artificial drying.

Our self-developed gypsum block dryer is a tunnel drying machine which uses cross wind technology. The drying time is 36 hours. This dryer can use many types of fuels, including coal, propane, diesel, heavy oil, etc. Besides, it is designed with pusher, waste heat recovery system, automatic wind and temperature regulation system, steering machine, unloading machine, and subsystem, that really help realize automatic running from the dryer.

Gypsum Block Production Line

The dried gypsum block is unloaded and sent to the packaging machine from the unloading machine. We have dozens of specifications can be selected. we can design and built the production lines with annual output of 100,000 m2, 150,000 m2, 200,000 m2, 300,000 m2 and 500,000 m2 etc., and dozens of specifications are available, such as 666×500×80 (hollow and solid), 666×500×100 (hollow and solid), 666×500×120 (hollow and solid), 666×500×150 (hollow and solid), 666×500×180 (solid), 300×500×200 (hollow). In addition, we could design them according to user needs. and manufacture them according to the specifications required.

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