Impact Crusher Structure Optimization

With the rapid development of crushing equipment and technological progress, impact crusher also got rapid development. By machine produced, PFW euro impact crusher (hereinafter referred to as PFW euro impact broken), with heavy rotor device, good blasting results have been achieved.

1.Common problems of impact crusher

Impact crusher is important secondary crushing equipment in sand production line, with simple structure, convenient operation and good finished product grain shape and favored by the customers, especially suitable for low compressive strength of the material, it is a senior road surface and high quality required for the hydropower construction aggregate ideal crushing equipment.

Impact Crusher Structure Optimization

Most old impact crusher design on the market at present, there are many problems, and sum up basically has the following:

  1. The rotor design quality is lighter, capacity is not big enough, and production capacity is small;
  2. plate fixed mostly uses compression block, plate hammer device, replace the board hammer time is long, sometimes need to use cutting torch or increase the plate can be installed;
  3. The plate hammer and lining board of short service life and frequent replacement;
  4. Broken ratio is small, production capacity is low.

PFW Euro series crusher is mainly composed of a rotor, the first, two or three counter frame, lower frame after frame, on the cover opening device, hydraulic pressure, hydraulic pressure adjusting device and a transmission part.

2.PFW impact broken rotor and plate hammer design

PFW euro impact hammer broken plate design more reasonable, by the rules of the rectangular planar structure to the surface structure, can increase the thickness and height of the plate hammer effect part. PFW euro impact broken rotor design uses heavy, thickening the rotor plate, heightening the height of the rotor plate hammer above ontology, changing the plate hammer and installation form of rotor shaft, increasing the quality of the rotor.

PFW euro impact has developed into a series of products, three back cavity is suitable for fine grinding, two cavity counter for coarse crusher. PFW euro impact broken product shape is a cube, no inner grain, row partical size is adjustable, and crushing process is simple.

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