Impact Crusher Works with Impact Force of Rotor

  Impact Crusher

Impact crusher with deep rotor can make good use of the impacting energy of its rotor, so that it often used for the coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing of crisp materials with below medium hardness such as calcium carbide, limestone, dolomite, coal, vulcanization iron ore, quartz, gypsum and chemical raw materials.

The granularity of the crushed materials of impact crusher is very good. The final products of this machine are well received by the stone plants due to their good comprehensive performance. Impact crusher becomes indispensable equipment in the sand production of highway, railway and construction industry.

Impact crusher is a crushing machine which makes use of its impacting force to crush the materials. When this machine works, driven by the electromotor, the rotor will rotate with high speed. When materials go into the plate hammer zone, they will be hit and crushed by the plate hammer of the rotor and then crushed again after being thrown to the impacting device, and then the materials will bounce back from the impact lining board to the plate hammer zone and be crushed again, this process will repeat. The materials will go into the first, second and third impacting chamber from big to small to be crushed until they reach the required granularity and finally be discharged from the discharging mouth.

impact crusher work

Deep rotor impact crusher has the outstanding advantages of simple structure, big crushing ratio, low energy consumption, high output, light weight and cubic shape of the final products. Compared with hammer crusher, impact crusher has bigger crushing ratio and can better use the high-speed impact energy of the whole rotor.

As for impact crusher, rotary speed is an important factor of influencing the crushing quality, efficiency and service life of this machine. However, crushing effect does not improve along with the increase of the rotary speed as high rotary speed will aggravate the abrasion of the main fling material head and seriously influence the service life of the machine. In addition, to improve the crushing quality and efficiency and service life of the machine, reducing the value and frequency of the maximum impact force is paramount.

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