Jaw Crusher Capacity Parameter

Jaw Crusher Capacity Parameter

Jaw crusher is mainly used for all kinds of ores and medium size bulk materials broken, can be broken compressive strength is not more than 320Mpa materials, divided into coarse crushing and fine crushing. The series of products complete specifications, which feed size of 125mm ~ 750mm, is the first choice for primary crushing equipment.

Jaw crusherapplication and development has nearly one hundred years history.With the machinery industry progress, we gradually improved the performance parameters of the jaw crusher redesign in use, jaw crusher capacity parameter has been greatly improved. Here we will introduce how to optimized and designed the main capacity parameter of jaw crusher to ensure that the crusher has the best performance in use, thus saving energy and improving productivity.

As we all know that parameters of the jaw crusher movement characteristics and breakage characteristics of machine has influence mainly in outlet and inlet of jaw, the horizontal stroke of moving jaw characteristic value, bite angle, eccentricity, the movable jaw suspension height, angle and transmission angle. We introduces how to determine these parameters.

  1. discharge outlet and the inlet movable jaw horizontal travel :

    If the lower part of the trip is too small , the material suffered squeeze pressure is small , will be greatly reduced productivity. But if too large , it is possible in the discharge port of the crushing due to excessive pressing force of the material leaving the dramatic increase , resulting in damage to mechanical overload . Therefore , the lower stroke crusher generally not more than 0.70 - 0.75 times the minimum nesting population size. For the upper part of the trip, not more than 2-2.2 times the distance of the eccentric shaft .

  2. jaw characteristics values ​​:

    Under certain circumstances nip angle , property values ​​and the movable jaw crushing effect is good or bad about . Cause vertical stroke with the discharge effect, but will increase the friction and wear of the tooth plate relative rubbing affect the life of the tooth plate , under certain conditions the level of the stroke , the movable jaw generally required characteristic value , the better.

  3. bite angle:

    bite angle α ≤ 2tg-1f, f is the friction coefficient between the tooth plate and the material , generally 18 ° ≤ α ≤ 22 °.

  4. eccentricity:

    the actual production , eccentricity is often a series of narrow range of options , generally considered as known parameters .

  5. moving jaw hanging height:

    general admission : h ≤ 0.1L ', L' is a moving jaw hanging point to the discharge opening of the projected value of the activity in the tooth spacing plate surface .

  6. swing angle:

    to ensure that between toggle plate and toggle plate rolling friction pad was to extend the toggle plate and toggle plate pad life, should not exceed the swing angle bracket bracket bracket pad in contact with at two times the friction angle .

  7. transmission angle :

    Transmission angle increases the effective torque transmission can be increased , reducing the frictional resistance of the mechanical load and improve the efficiency of the transmission mechanism . Under normal circumstances , the value of between 42 ° -55 ° .

Optimization of these jaw crusher capacity parameter ​​to determine the jaw crusher for the best combination of power and production at work, coupled with oil lubrication, the working efficiency of the jaw crusher has been greatly improved. Currently, we have developed a European version of the jaw crusher, also known as PEW jaw crusher, the same jaw mouth, max feed and yield than common jaw crusher has been greatly improved. On this basis, there has been a deep cavity jaw crusher, after breaking the previous crude improved, but when the use Jaw Crusher.

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