Raymond Mill Manufacturers In India

Raymond Mill Manufacturers In India

Raymond mill is the most common grinding equipment and it is also the oldest one of the milling equipment. It is suitable for various powder preparation, coal preparation, such as powder processing of raw ore, gypsum ore, coal and other materials. Over the years, its market development has been very smooth, especially in India, there are many Raymond mill manufacturers in India.

In order to show their advantages in numerous Raymond mill manufacturers in India, to build high strength Raymond mill, improve the grinding ability is the most important thing for Raymond mill manufacturers. The main structural parameters of the traditional Raymond mill, such as the diameter and the thickness of the roller diameter, spindle speed grinding rings are static, traditional techniques become restricted. Look from the milling principle, Raymond mill in Plum by hanging shelves roller device mainly as rotary motion of the spindle drive, under the effect of centrifugal force to the grinding mill roll circles under the action of friction rollers for rotation movement . This mill is the main mechanism of roller compacted in the mill turning circle formation.

From this analysis, to build high strength Raymond mill with strong grinding ability must do as follow:

  • increase the pressure roller;
  • powder grinding area of rotation (roll height * grinding ring diameter);
  • increase the probability of contact with the grinding roller ring;
  • increased the speed of the spindle.

At present, some Raymond mill manufacturers in India on the improvement of the pressure roller on the efforts, such as pressure springs and hydraulic cylinder force method, but this method There are both advantages and disadvantages. Traditional Raymond mill roller suspension device can swing freely, to avoid some larger hard difficult once crushed material in rotary milling process, both to protect the grinding roller device from damage, bounce effects and to crush, so the pros and cons to measure the improvement results from yield final fineness. Raymond Mill of our company to take a more advanced technology:

  • increase the grinding and grinding ring diameter;
  • surface finishing rollers, the roller and the grinding ring beginning grinding condition, good contact, wear uniform;
  • increasing spindle speed 7%~8%, the host power unchanged improve grinding efficiency, especially to improve the capability of processing superfine powder.
  • In addition, the Raymond mill powder collecting system has been greatly improved. Traditional Raymond mill with single cylinder of large diameter and short cone cyclone dust collector to achieve solid gas separation, recovery of residual gas to fine powder with small diameter cyclone dust collector, which obviously can not meet the requirements of processing superfine powder. High strength Raymond mill adopts combined type high-efficiency cyclone long cone small diameter dust collector, it to 1250 mesh ultra-fine powder recovery efficiency can reach above 95%, and the recovery of 325 mesh powder rate is up to 99%. Residual powder collected by pulse bag dust collector, with fan the air circulation system in the state of negative pressure, avoid the powder leakage.

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