Sand Making Production Line

Sand Making Production Line

With the rapid development of infrastructure construction, the scale of the sand making production line is larger and larger, at the same time the demand for crusher machine, sand making machine are gradually increasing , which brings both huge development opportunities and challenge to crushing and sand making industry.

With the increasing number of crusher manufacturers, market competition of crushers is fiercer, which makes crusher manufacturers innovate and develop new type of crushing and sand making equipment continuously. Sand making production line is composed of several machines, so, the cost is relatively high. Hence, how to collocate economic and efficient sand making production line is very important for customers and manufacturers.

We both want to choose a economic and efficient sand making production line. But efficiency of sand making production line not only depends on quality of equipment, but relies on collocation of equipment of production line to a large extent. Generally speaking, a complete sand making production line is composed of three parts, namely, primary crushing, secondary crushing and screening processes. In primary crushing stage, the most widely used equipment is jaw crusher. Feeding granularity of jaw crusher is very large, if the materials are not that large, primary crushing stage can be omitted. Then carrying out secondary crushing immediately. Secondary crushing equipment is various, such as impact crusher and cone crusher.

The customers can make a different choice according to actual situation. If the material is hard, cone crusher is a better choice. But if the customers have higher requirements on final products, impact crusher is more suitable. The final stage is screening operation. We generally use vibrating screen to screen materials. The vibrating screen has different screen meshes, which can make the final products satisfy demands of customers.

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