Wet Magnetic Separator Application

wet magnetic separator

Zenith is really a experienced magnetic separator manufacturer, and also the wet kind magnetic separator is one of the featured merchandise, right here we'll introduce it to you in detail:

The wet magnetic separator is mostly composed of six parts namely drum, roller, brush roller, magnetic method, tub and transmission component. The drum is welded with 2-3mm stainless steel plate, and its finish cap is cast aluminum or artifacts which are connected with cylinder by stainless screw. The electric motor drives the drum, roller and brush roller through reducer or gradeless speed adjustment motor. The magnetic method is open magnetic program which is installed in cylinder. The magnetic lump is installed around the baseboard of magnet yoke. The shaft of magnetic yoke can extend out with the cylinder. There is connecting lever around the shaft end. We are able to regulate magnetic program angle by turning the connecting lever and fix it soon after appropriate regulation.

Zenith wet magnetic separator adopts the newest produced magnetic material which has robust magnetic power and analyze, design and produce machines depending on the precise features of raw supplies. this equipment is appropriate for manganese ore, chromite, niobium, tantalum, iron ore, titanium ore, sulfur, pyrolusite and rhodochrosite, titanium rutile, itabirite iron ore, apatite, yttrium phosphorus ore, olivine germanium ore, sulfur, copper, iron, dolomite, fluorocarbon cerium, lanthanum ore, biotite, garnet, niobium yttrium mining, hauling and nonmetal iron, and so forth. They are able to increase their grade by about 10%-30% following separating by this equipment.

Features of Zenith wet magnetic separator:

  1. The separating drum is made of specially handled stainless steel which makes it easy in replacement and long in service life.
  2. The unique magnetic circuit design, strong intensity of magnetic field and reasonable gradient bring convenience in low graded ores recycling.
  3. Its compact structure makes it large in working area, high in productivity and low in functioning cost.

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